Board Members Wanted!

We are looking for new board members to organize the open air cinema next year. Write us a mail at or DM us on Instagram (@flik_vseth) to find out more!

(you can even decide to replace the pre-movie! anything is possible)

Available positions:

Grill: Organize the food lineup and manage the grill during the event to keep the hungry masses happy.
Bar: Decide the selection of drinks and man the taps during the event
Popcorn: Did you ever dream of becoming a pop star *popping noise*? (this one is self-explanatory)
Infrastructure: Coordinate the assembly and inventory of FLiK and be the backbone of the event
Design/PR: Give the FLiK a distinct look with your own design ideas and be in charge of the promotion on Social Media
Sponsoring: Make and maintain connections with our sponsoring for food, drinks and ads
Entertainment: Get the crowd in the mood for some great cinema by organizing the pre-film entertainment
Helper Coordination: Command the army of helpers to keep the event running smoothly (and decide the shirt colors!)